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April 13 - May 31, 2023

Instructor Methodology: Services


The purpose of this course is to provide credentialed EMS providers with the instructional knowledge, resources, and skills to effectively deliver quality EMS education.  The course focuses on instructional preparation, presentation, and evaluation, and presents a range of educational topics, including the psychology of learning, classroom management, educational issues in EMS education, lesson plan development, student and instructor evaluation, cultural awareness, and available resources.

This 40+ hour course is delivered in a hybrid learning environment and is an excellent opportunity for new and experienced instructors to develop and hone their instructional delivery skills.

Students will participate in independent learning of weekly online assignments and exams, then attend a virtual, instructor-led group session to bring it all together with topics review and discussion, followed by student presentations.

At the conclusion of the course, students will participate in an in-person practical skills assessment with a local or regional evaluator.

This course is delivered in partnership with the Washington State Department of Health and is approved to meet the Senior EMS Instructor (SEI) prerequisite requirement as an approved instructor training course.  More details about becoming an SEI can be found on the Department of Health Website.


  • A primary agency affiliation*

  • EMS provider credential number​

*If you are unsure how to obtain agency affiliation, contact us at


Complete and submit online application using the link above.


Students will complete the majority of the coursework through independent study, then bring it all together for a weekly instructor-led virtual session on Thursday evenings.

Students are required to complete coursework prior to attending the weekly virtual session. 

An in-person practical skill evaluation will be conducted between May 19 and May 31. 


Participants will meet virtually on the following dates, from 6 - 9pm:

  • Thursday, April 13

  • Thursday, April 20

  • Thursday, April 27

  • Thursday, May 4

  • Thursday, May 11

  • Thursday, May 18

An in-person practical skills assessment will be completed between May 19 and May 31, 2023.  

This is a state-wide course.  We will do our best to coordinate your in-person skills assessment with a local evaluator.


Click the COURSE APPLICATION button to apply online.  If you have additional questions or any difficulty with the online registration process, please contact us at

Instructor Methodology: Text

Would you like to share this incredible learning opportunity?  Click below for a sharable course announcement PDF!

Instructor Methodology: Text
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