EMS Providers in Mason County participate in the Washington State Department of Health-approved Ongoing Training and Evaluation Program.  This program offers specialized training that ensures the providers are confident and proficient in the expanded protocols they operate within, while also meeting all of the recertification requirements to maintain their Washington State EMS Credentials.

Training is assigned and tracked through an online learning management system, with lectures offered via live-delivery or watching the recorded session on your own time, and in-person skills assessments. 

Providers are required to complete a minimum of one training per quarter, and have all annual training requirements met by the 3rd Thursday in December.

The 2022 Training Schedules are posted below.



Emergency Medical Responders & Emergency Medical Technicians

January: Cardiac Arrest Module

March: Respiratory Emergencies

May: Environmental Emergencies

July: Behavioral Health Emergencies

August: POLST

September: Pediatrics (Fever/Seizure)

November: Trauma/Shock

With the exception of the Cardiac Arrest module, lectures are delivered live (in person or via zoom) on the 3rd Wednesday evening of the month, and recorded to be available to those who are not able to attend in person.  Following the lecture, providers must complete a knowledge assessment through the learning management system, and practical skills assessments with their primary agencies.



IV Technicians, Advanced Emergency Medical Technicians,
& Paramedics

January: PHTLS Skills Station **

February: Environmental Emergencies

March: GI/GU (module only, no lecture)

April: NRC Skills Station **

May: Communicable Diseases

June: Psych/Geriatrics

July: PALS Skills Station **

August: TBD

September: Issues in Trauma

October: Trauma Skills Station **

November: Respiratory Emergencies

December: Cardio I

** Skills stations must be attended in-person.

ILS/ALS OTEP is delivered through live (virtual) Base Station lectures, which is recorded and made available for those who are not available to attend in person.  

Base stations are held on the 3rd Thursday of each month.



All EMS Providers with Mason County as a Primary or Secondary Agency Affiliation

EMS Providers operating within Mason County must complete core training requirements, regardless of primary affiliation. These assignments will be assigned through your TargetSolutions account. Some courses may be completed outside of Mason County, such as through your EMT Class or at a previous agency. To receive credit for outside training completions, adequate documentation must be provided to

Click HERE to view the current core training requirements for Mason County.