Please review the steps below to optimize Target Solutions on your computer.

 You can also always email TargetSolutions support team at: or call 800.840.8048

If unable to download Google Chrome please take note of the specifics in the troubleshooting document especially for Internet Explorer 11. If you continue to have issues please contact Target. 

I highly recommend downloading and using Google Chrome as your primary browser. If you are capable please do so by  CLICKING HERE


Basic Troubleshooting: CLICK HERE


Clearing Cache and Internet  History: CLICK HERE


System Specifications: CLICK HERE

Make sure you have the most updated version of GOOGLE CHROME/ OR Flash driven Browser/FireFox IS REQUIRED TO RUN BLS OTEP MODULES.

  • Having problems loading a module?  Check your popup blockers in your browser. Make sure they are disabled for this site. 
  • Slides are made for you to listen to all the audio.  If you click too fast on the buttons without listening to the audio you will jamb up the slide. 
  • BLS practicals are to be done after you have done your module. Practicals are given by your training officers and entered/validated by your training officer. Once you do both the module AND practical, you are given credit for that topic. 
  • To exit a module you click either quit at the top of target or SOME of the courses have an exit course button. Do not click refresh! This will screw up your module.  Do not click submit. Submit is on some of the earlier modules. You need to click exit.