Emergency Medical Responder

  • Location:  District 17, Lilliwaup

  •  Instructor: Jess Fulkerson

  • Cost: $825  for  council members

               $990 for non-council members

    • Bring a lunch to the class.  There will be a short break to conduct any food prep, but we will do a “WORKING LUNCH” to maximize the usage of time.
    • No fees will be refunded past deadline.
  • Participant Requirements:

    • Anyone interested in helping your neighbors.
    • Students must have the physical ability to perform the skills stations and provide patient care.
    • Applicants must take a basic entrance exam to take the course. Please refer to the application for requirements for the class.
    • Graduates will be required to do the BLS OTEP recertification requirements
    • The student should come prepared to take notes and facilitate their own learning as needed.

    Tuesdays- 6-9
    Saturdays 9-5


 Course Length  60  150-155
 Scope of Practice (Skills Capabilities)  AED  AED
 Bag Valve Mask   Bag Valve Mask
 Bandaging   Bandaging
 Splinting    Splinting
 Medical   Medical
Patient Assessment  Patient Assessment
 Pediatrics    Pediatrics
 Trauma  Trauma
 Triage   Triage
 ECG/12 Lead Read only
 Supraglottic Airway
 Scope of Practice (Medication Administration)  Oxygen  Oxygen
Aspirin  Aspirin
Epinephrine  Epinephrine
 Activated Charcoal
Oral Glucose  Oral Glucose
 Assist with Patient’s Diastat, Nitroglycerin and Inhaler as prescribed
Narcan  Narcan
 Level of Provider  BLS provider  BLS Provider
 Ongoing Training  BLS OTEP  BLS OTEP
 Certification Period  3 years  3 years
Course Application

Entrance Exam Application