There is a new process to enter our EMT class being held October 3rd – January 15th.
1.The applicant must first fill out an application to take an entrance exam.
  • The application is located here 
  • The application just is for data purposes to get the applicant into our learning management system  to take the exam

2. Take the entrance exam

  • This exam may be taken any time before turning in your application.  (Some suggested to have them take this first to see if you even want to proceed with the rest of the application.)
  • This is a proctored exam
  • Passing rate is 80%
  • May only take one time per application process.

Print out passing certificate AND ATTACH TO YOUR to  EMT ENTRANCE EXAM 6.14.2017.

This new process was designed with the training committee’s hope to have a smoother orientation day and class beginning.

If you have any questions regarding this new process, please contact the office at 867-4967.