IV Tech Course

  • Location: TBA

  • Instructors: Jess Fulkerson

  • Dates: April 2o- May 15th

    • Saturdays:   9 am -5pm
    • Tuesday and Thurs  5:30 pm-9 pm
  • Cost: Approx. $620 for council members

                                 $740 for non-council members

    • Cost of class will include instruction, book and supplies.

      In trying to maintain compliance with COVID restrictions, we have raised the cost for the EMT class.  We feel this represents a worst-case scenario for the course, and we are hopeful by the class deadline, there will be an easing of these restrictions.  Should the restrictions ease before the class deadline, we will adjust the cost accordingly.

    • Bring a lunch to the class.  There will be a short break to conduct any food prep, but we will do a “WORKING LUNCH” to maximize the usage of time.

    • No fees will be refunded past deadline.

  • Participant Requirements:
    • Any EMT currently certified for at least one year.
    • Graduates will be required to do the ALS/ILS OTEP recertification requirements (GO TO BASE STATION) if in Mason County.
    • The student should come prepared to take notes and facilitate their own learning as needed.
    • Students not from Kitsap or Mason County, should receive their MPD prior approval acknowledging they will accept the course.
Course Application