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Want to help your neighbors? Become a volunteer in your Fire District? Make a difference in your community? Become an EMT!

Talk with your local fire district about this exciting opportunity!

You are about to embark on a 160 hour training program to prepare you to become an Emergency Medical Technician within the State of Washington. You will also be expected to study on your time outside of class. This will include reading the textbook, knowing and understanding definitions as they pertain to the training program, knowing and understanding the equipment used in emergency medicine, practicing the practical skills expected of an EMT. You will be expected to perform a field rotation with a medic unit within Mason County and a clinical rotation at Mason General Hospital.
Your personal time will need to be dedicated to the training program at the expense of your personal social life at times during the class.
By signing the application you are accepting the requirement to attend all classes on the schedule, devoting the time required for the field and clinical rotation and spending the time needed to study and practice for a successful outcome.

  • Location: Station 4-1

  • Instructor: Jeff Holloway

  • Classes are held: Tuesday and Thursday 6-9 PM, and Saturday 9-5 PM

  • Cost:  $1,000 Max

    • Upon approval of application, fire district must put down a $225 deposit towards the cost of books. This deposit is refundable up until the books are ordered. After books are ordered, the deposit is non-refundable.
    • Students will need to bring their own working lunch and snacks.
    • If you are not sponsored by a Mason County agency, please pay through the PayPal option prior to turning in your application. Payment will be deducted once the class is determined to commence.
    • The class must have 12 students registered at the time of deadline to commence.
  • Participant’s Requirements:

    • The Application shall attach documentation of: ALL APPLICATIONS MUST BE COMPLETE BEFORE TURNED IN.
    •  A current Health Care Provider CPR Card
    •  Passed Multi-state Background Check within last six months
    •  High School Diploma or Equivalent
    •  Hepatitis B vaccine has been started/completed
    •  TB skin test within past 12 months/completed
    • Successful completion of Entrance Exam
    • A valid driver’s license

Class Dates

Starting date:  SEPTEMBER 11, 2018
End date: DECEMBER 16, 2018

Orientation Day : September 6, 2018


See you all September 6th at 6 PM!

EMT Course Checklist

  • Entrance Exam

    • Fill out and turn in  application for entrance exam to Tamarah Hoffman at office@masoncountyems.com
    • Take exam
    • Attach completion certificate to application
  • EMT Course Application

    • Turn in completed application to Tamarah Hoffman at office@masoncountyems.com
    •  Make sure all required parts of the application are attached at time of submittal
  • Pay $225 Book Deposit

Course Application

Course Application

Exam Application

Exam Application