Deadline February 5th

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Online Training 

 Make sure you have the most updated version of GOOGLE CHROME/ OR Flash driven Browser/Microsoft edge IS REQUIRED TO RUN BLS OTEP MODULES.

  • Having problems loading a module?  Check your popup blockers in your browser. Make sure they are disabled for this site. 
  • Slides are made for you to listen to all the audio.  If you click too fast on the buttons without listening to the audio you will jamb up the slide. 
  • BLS practicals are to be done after you have done your module. Practicals are given by your training officers and entered/validated by your training officer. Once you do both the module AND practical, you are given credit for that topic. 
  • To exit a module you click either quit at the top of target or SOME of the courses have an exit course button. Do not click refresh! This will screw up your module. 
Online Learning

Available 2020 BLS OTEPS 

All assignments are available on your Target account. If you have questions assessing them, please contact yoru training officer or the office.

2020 BLS OTEP Cardio and practical – now posted and assigned.

2020 BLS OTEP Stroke and practical now posted and assigned.

2020 BLS OTEP Infectious Disease now posted and assigned. No practical

2020 BLS OTEP Stop the bleed now posted and assigned.

2020 BLS OTEP Report writing now posted and assigned.

Core Training:

Travis Law Module Now past Due.

EMT/IV Tech 2020 Specialized Drug Administration Training now due


BLS training policy #2220:

States that all BLS providers will maintain active quarterly training.

Additionally, in order to recertify, BLS providers must complete 18 modules within the 3 yr period.

All 6 modules offered by EMS online, within the calendar year must be completed with the corresponding practical within that calendar year.


EMT/ First Responders will be active participants in their districts approved BLS program.

EMT/First Responders will be active participants in their districts’ approved BLS program.

Active participation is defined as OTEP training on a quarterly basis.

In order for the provider to recertify by the OTEP method they must complete 18 units/modules with the corresponding practicals within the three year period.

All 6 modules offered in the calendar year must be completed with the corresponding practical within that calendar year

A prorated number of OTEP session will be required as determined by MPD for providers entering Mason County within their current certification period

If an individual has had no activity in their OTEP program for a period more than a quarter of a year than individual will recertify by the CME method.

Important Notices

Protocol tests must be done in a testing environment with a closed book. This test is to be validated by your testing officer. Until the test is validated it is not completed

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