Online Training

All our NON-live base station training is done through Target solutions.

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Online Training

2021 ALS/ILS Base stations:

Subject to restrictions. ALS/ILS modules are not assigned. Please look in self-assign on Target, to find the month you wish to view.

Base stations are currently being hosted via zoom and are subject to COVID restrictions. Please consider this schedule fluid.

  • January-Trauma Cardio 1/EKG and Rhythms- Dr. Lews, UW
  • February: Cardio II- Dr. Martinez
  • March: ACLS- Will be an online module and hands-on practical taught in house
  • April: OB/ GYN- Dr. Martens
  • May: Neuro: Dr. Little
  • June: MCI- Dr. Hoffman
  • July: Pharmacology- Dr. Hoffman
  • August 16th – Small jeopardy module.
  • Sept: Pediatric Emergencies: Lila O’Mahoney
  • Oct: ?Issues in Trauma
  • Nov: AMLS I: Hoffman
  • December AMLS II: Hoffman

Live Streaming

We live stream all of our non-skill OTEP base stations.  These are shown through Zoom meeting. Please look at our Target bulletin board for the meeting invite.

In order to get credit for Livestreaming:

  1. You must “sign-in” through the comment section
  2. The tests are available shortly after base station. You must complete the test within 30 days
  3. If the test is not completed in 30 days you will be removed from the live streaming module and assigned to the full OTEP.
ONCE BASE STATION IS OVER, once created the module will be available in Target’s self-assign. 
MCEMS Youtube Channel


The Medical Program Director (MPD) of Mason County requires that all paramedics and intermediate providers attend at least eight Base Station Meetings (BSM) each year to maintain active protocols.

  • There are no exceptions for absence from any one of the required six Base Station Meetings unless the provider is a new employee.
  • The eight meetings can be a collection of live attendance or BSM videos viewed.
  • Of the eight base stations, one must be a practical/skill session with hands on participation.

Providers may get credit for practical/skill sessions(PALS, ACLS, NRC, PTHLS) taken outside the county or not at base station by providing a copy of their attendance or card to the MPD or program assistant.

  • Outside classes will be given credit for the month in which that class was offered by Mason County and for which the card is valid. This does not necessarily count for the year the class was taken.
  • Providers may get credit for seminars/conferences attended.
  • In order to get credit, the provider must provide a copy of the schedule with the number of hours for that topic along with a certificate of attendance for the conference, if possible.

OTEP credit for conference classes is COMPLETELY at MPD discretion and based upon topic of seminar class and how comparable to Mason County OTEP.

In order to get credit for the base station by video, the provider must have proof he/she has viewed the video and taken the corresponding quiz for that video when applicable.

All BSM videos will count as CME State requirements, should the provider choose to renew his/her credential by CME method.

New employees may be pro-rated a portion of BSMs as indicated by their hiring date at the discretion of the MPD.

There are 12 opportunities to receive Base Station meeting credit each year.

If a provider does not meet the annual expectation of eight BSMs per year, the provider will be removed from the ALS OTEP program for the remainder of his/her credential period. Once the provider has recertified, the provider may return to the ALS OTEP program.

All ALS/ILS personnel using the OTEP method to recertify:

IF YOUR PRIMARY COUNTY IS MASON COUNTY: You need 24 OTEPs for the 3 year recert period.

With a minimum of 6 session per calendar year. One OTEP needs to be a live skill station.